The Movie

“Missed Connections” is a comedic romance about a guy named Neal. Neal’s been trying to get over a traumatic break up with his ex-girlfriend by doing what anyone would do… tricking women on the Internet. Neal’s plan is going amazingly well, until he meets Jane, who just may be as devious as he is.

The Filmmakers

Kenny Stevenson and Dorien Davies met at the Groundlings Theater in Hollywood in 2005.  They married in 2010 but instead of having a baby the following year they made a ‘Movie Baby’ (never mind that it’s about the sexual escapades of a 32 year old man, it’s still a baby).

At the beginning of 2011, Kenny and Dorien asked the unstoppably brilliant Lisa Rudin to produce Kenny’s script. Dorien had previously known Lisa from other work around LA and knew that Lisa was somewhat of a rockstar producer. When she said yes, Kenny may or may not have cried. Lisa then introduced Kenny and Dorien to the remarkably talented Eric Kissack. Eric wanted to foray from his uber-successful editing career into a directorial debut on Missed Connections. The man rides a motorcycle and has bravery coming out his ears, how could they resist him? And thus, the MC Team was formed.

The Process

This script was written for friends. So, it’s an ensemble in it’s truest sense. The cast has been performing together on the biggest comedy stages in the Los Angeles (The Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade etc.) Because, while keeping with Kenny’s comedic roots, he really wanted to create something more substantial and so this feature was born.

We funded this movie by raising money on Kickstarter. Nothing went on those famous Amex cards that everyone mythologizes about (well, not yet). We also funded this movie on kindness. We got more stuff for free than we paid for. The camera equipment was gifted by Panavision, our sound equipment was donated by Dang Me Sound and only five of our 15-18 person crew were paid (industry professionals, students, and recent grads). Even the actors donated their SAG checks back to the project. The list goes on and on. People are good, what can we say?

We hope you like it.